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Does anyone know the name of the Korean BBQ practice of cross hatch cutting meat?

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My nephew told me when he was in Korea last year the best BBQ meat he had was a cross hatched and then grilled cut ( scored kind of like a mango!). He couldn't remember what that style of meat preparation was called. And while I have your attention, any suggestions for a restaurant in K-town who offers this style of BBQ would be greatly appreciated. thank you in advance!

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      Thank you ns!. I was at Park on Vermont on Tuesday night and didn't know ! When you say Park, you meant the one on Vermont? Do you know the term for this sort of preparation so I know what to order on the menu?

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        this is the Park's BBQ on Vermont

        I get the #3

        3 Seasoned Gal-bi

        Note that I've only seen that type of scoring on the short rib.

        Park's BBQ
        955 S. Vermont Ave, Suite G, Los Angeles, CA 90006

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            it's official name is Yang Nyum Galbi

      2. that cross-hatch scoring isn't a uniquely Korean technique - it's employed in various cuisines with other ingredients too, and actually serves a number of purposes. it helps render fat out of duck breasts, can assist with marinade absorption, and also keeps meat from curling up when cooked (very useful for calamari/squid).

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          yes I remember doing that for Calamari but didn't know why! Thanks for info. You must be a good cook :) I can't wait to try Yang Nyum Galbi.

        2. I have encountered this technique applied to fish in the State of Vera Cruz, Mexico.