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Nov 4, 2011 01:08 PM

Stouffville?? Lunch and Dinner Ideas

I will be spending considerable time in the area. Looking for some lunch and dinner recommendations? Willing to drive if need be.


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  1. Long time lurker, but your post has given me enough impetus to sign up, since I'm a Stouffville resident!


    For light lunches, Red Bulb ( is very nice. Very chilled atmosphere with good pastries, some baked items, and wonderful coffees.

    Fishbone Bistro (, coincidentally right beside Red Bulb, is good for a nice dinner (and apparently they're open for lunch now too). Great seafood dishes.

    I've also heard some good buzz about The Cornerhouse (, but I haven't been there myself so I can't vouch for it.

    If you want diner food, there's the Fickle Pickle. Good, simple diner fare. Nothing that'll wow you, but the food is pretty good for what it is. BTW these are all on Main Street Stouffville.

    And if you do end up driving, head south on Highway 48 to Main Street Markham for Lemon Bistro ( Never had a bad meal there. The wait for food tend to be on the long-ish side though.

    Lemon Bistro
    76 Main St N, Markham, ON L3P1X5, CA

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      Thank you sugearl, appreciate your input. I have noticed all your mentions, but have yet to try. Looking forward to it.


    2. The Stakehouse is pretty good for ..ahem. fairly decent Not too pricey. West end of town on main, Cornerhouse was good ys ago, but last time we were there a year ago it had changed hands to a unionville couple and the prices pretty astronomical. Food was good though.
      Fickle pickle I would limit to breakfast - their pickle slam is a giant cheap plate o everything breakfast.
      We go to jade chinese food for takeout . Nearby R hill/ Aurora a good bet for a change of pace. Graystones on Yonge in Aurora for game and german schnitzel.

      14889 Yonge St, Aurora, ON L4G, CA

      1. Another vote for Red Bulb. Just moved here from downtown TO and had been dying for a decent cup of coffee in this wasteland of Coffee Times and Tim's. Laid back little independent place with the owner working as barista most of the time. I've switched from drinking espresso-based coffees to just their drip coffee which is a French Roast from Social. I don't know what they do to it, but it tastes *delicious.* For my own palette, a more pleasing and unique flavour than what I typically got from Dark Horse, Bulldog, Te Aro and Jet Fuel downtown. I buy the same beans and brew them at home but can't seem to replicate it.