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Nov 4, 2011 12:59 PM

Downtown Jersey City: dinner

My husband and I make our way out of NYC to PA almost every Friday, but we've worn out any places on the way for dinner on Rt 78 - admittedly, not many.

We've started prowling downtown Jersey City when we exit the Holland Tunnel but it's been hit and miss. We'd try Hoboken but parking is a doomed lottery. Why didn't think of my Chow friends sooner?

Could I get your suggestions for dinner in downtown Jersey City, please? Two adults and a very composed 1 year old who sits in an adult chair. Cuisine and price are not as much a variable as no / little wait time to a table around 6:30pm.

Many thanks in advance.

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  1. I had a very nice meal at the Hardgrove Cafe on Grove St. There were four of us. Two had salads I had Mofongo and I can't remember what the other person had, but we were all pleased with our food and the service. We also had appy's of empanadas and coconut shrimp. The empanadas were just ok. The coconut shrimp were the best I have had anywhere.
    One word of caution - stay away from the Mohito's or you will never make it back to PA.
    And by the way, we found street parking at 6pm, but there were two parking lots fairly close to the Hardgrove.