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Nov 4, 2011 11:56 AM

Menu Item - 6 pack of beer for the crew?

I was looking at a local menu online and noticed a menu item, "A SIX PACK OF BEER FOR THE CREW $10 the crew works hard to deliver great food, drink and service. show them your appreciation."

Has anyone else seen something like this on a menu?

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  1. That's a bit bizarre. I wonder if the crew gets to enjoy it immediately, or if they must wait until the end of their shifts?

    When I clicked through to the menu it was really bizarre. I was expecting more of a hole-in-the-wall menu. That menu looks very good.

    1. Yes, they have this on the menu at a place in the town where I work. It does say "post service beer" so you don't think they are drinking on the line. The kitchen is downstairs where private parties are, and once when i was at a party there several people bought rounds for the crew. A guy comes downstairs with the cans of beer on a tray and rings a big handbell and the crew all cheers. I thought it was cute. Never saw anyone drinking on the line.

      1. My thing is why don't the owners of the restaurant show them appreciation and buy them the beer and pay them more if they are so proud of their service.

        1. It sounds irresponsible to me. What if you bought a round, then only 1-2 people ended up drinking it all and then got in an accident? Who assumes the liability?

          If you want to show your appreciation, just give them a separate tip. Let them decide how they want to spend it.

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            <sarcasm>This is why you should never buy chicks drinks when you go out. I mean, you see a cute girl and buy her a drink, next thing you know, she's a lightweight, stumbles out of the bar and runs someone over while drunk driving! Then you get hauled in as an accomplice to manslaughter for buying her a margarita!</sarcasm>

            I've seen the "buy a round for the kitchen" item on the drinks menu of a few places, and while the restaurant I work at doesn't have it, I'd much rather enjoy a can or bottle of beer than the $1 (or less) tip after it's all split up. Sure, working in a kitchen doesn't pay much, but until tipping cooks becomes common and is as customary as it is for wait staff, cooks would rather have an occasional beer from diners than an extra dollar once a week (or month).

            1. re: jyee

              GEEZ!! How much extra are we supposed to pay for the privilege of eating out????

              Barring special orders or a REALLY exceptional meal, it is up to the WAITSTAFF NOT THE CUSTOMERS to tip the cooks and bus people!

              1. re: PotatoHouse

                Where did I miss that this was mandatory?

                1. re: jyee

                  I'm going to ignore your reference to "chicks" and simply say that I would much rather get a cash tip from my clients (which I often get) than anything else. A gift card to a store in which I struggle to find anything I like? Thanks for the gesture, but no thanks.

                  And again, I'm sure the kitchen staff--and if you've read anything by Anthony Bourdain, you understand the ethno make-up of them--would rather get cash too.

              2. I saw that too, and I think it's tacky. Either pay your cooks what they are worth or encourage the FOH to tip out a percent or two to the kitchen. Do they do that at their other restaurants?

                A shift drink is a standard perk for all employees in every restaurant I've worked in. Does the restaurant not do this? There are also logistical issues. Is this an actual beer or a metaphorical beer? What if not everyone wants a beer and would rather have their $1 or 2? What if there is a cook who is under 21, or pregnant, how do they get their share?

                It also turns me off to encourage the image of cooks and chefs as a bunch of alcoholics. Will work for beer?