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Nov 4, 2011 11:09 AM

Faster Roast Pork? Botched timing and need HELP!

I'm supposed to be doing a sort of pulled pork thing for a tasting this afternoon. I thought the event started 2 hours later than it does and now I've started the pork too late for a true pulled pork.

Yes, I should have started last night or done it yesterday and I KNOW that it isn't going to be the product that I want it to be. I just need help getting it to the edible and hopefully palatable stage.

It's a bone-in picnic roast 6 pounds. I browned on all sides in my dutch oven and poured the sauce that I'm supposed to be demo-ing over with a little water and threw in the oven at 325. I only have 3 more hours to get this thing edible (it's been in for 1/2 hour now). How high of a temp can I go? Can I cut it into pieces to make it cook quicker? Should I add more liquid (there's only about 2.5 cups in with it)? Rushing through a roast is definitely not my area of expertise. Anyone got some ideas?

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  1. No pressure cooker?

    You could go a little higher on the temp and a little more moisture and keep it moist, so it's more of a braise. The moisture will conduct the heat faster than a dry roast and will help it cook faster.

    If your dutch oven isn't covered, cover it now, first with foil and then the lid.

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      I did think of the pressure cooker but (hey - I see a theme here) too late. I only have a pressure canner and it's aluminum. I've already added an acidic sauce so I think your second suggestion is the way to go.

      I just checked on it and it's doing better than I anticipated - I'll add a little more liquid and bring up the temp to 350 and cover it more tightly (just had the lid on before). Thanks for your input!

    2. Keep it at 325 and leave the lid on. It will absolutely pull in 3 hours. If there's too much liquid, pour it out, reduce, and add back up the pork. You'll be fine!

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      1. re: joonjoon

        It's behaving nicely with an hour to go. I'm trying to leave it alone but I just sampled a piece - it's not chewy and is falling apart how I need it to. Whew! I'll plan a little better next time to avoid this stress!