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Nov 4, 2011 10:59 AM

Anything worth eating in Lasalle, Lachine or Dorval?

Haven't eaten around the area in a while, do you have anything to suggest for a nice supper?

Anything goes, but if there is a good Indian place that opened, I'd be thrilled!

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  1. Are you willing to drive a bit further north of Dorval to Pierrefonds for good Indian? If so Bombay Choupati is a very good bet. Search the boards for a lot of positive reviews.

    1. Hey, this might be your opportunity to do a review for Chowhound. There's a resto in Lachine called Shangri La. They're a Nepalese/Indian resto and Nepalese isn't that common here in Montreal. Here's the link to their website:

      More here - got some good reviews.

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      1. re: Haggisboy

        I've found Shangrila really hit and miss sometimes, I wish they would streamline some menu items and use less frozen vegetables. Do less, do better.

        Their pizza btw is really fanstastic.

      2. Pushap on Ave. Dollard? I've only been once, but the (all vegetarian) food was great.

        1661 Av Dollard, Lasalle, QC H8N1T7, CA

        1. I know Lasalle!

          There is a Dilallo on Dollard - but last time I tried to go it was closed. Not sure if that was some bad luck, or if it is actually closed.

          For pizza and subs, Manzo Pizzeria is some great take-out and delivery. LaSalle Drive-In in some great super-casual food as well. Decent souvlaki, great steamies and fries, and I really really love their chef salad (+/- chicken).

          For some casual italian (subs, pasta, entrees) Bocci is a good place. For more formal and expensive food, la Griglia D'oro (same owners) is a more upscale steakhouse. Griglia D'oro could be really, really good at times (try the arrancini if on the menu, also the gnocchi with blue cheese sauce is delicious, as is the shrimp tempura), but could also be sort of plain and bland (e.g. some of the table d'hôte specials I've had were a little hit and miss). I really do enjoy griglia d'oro though, as I've had more positive than negative experiences.

          Manzo Pizzeria
          1033 Av 90E, Lasalle, QC H8R3A4, CA

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          1. re: Gregoso

            I prefer Campagnola with a more family-run vibe over Bocci (a few doors down the street, in same mall as Dilallo. Not closed for good, just peculiar hours - gotta love that buck burger!) Dinner reservations usually required Thu-Sat (they fill up), BYOB. Very good, I recommend this place often.

            Pushap, Indian, is across the street. Not new, and never tried it...

            Ettingers Deli looks like its just about ready to open on Newman. Might be interesting.

            El Meson on St. Joseph is a good bet: family run Mexican.
            Il Fornetto a few blocks away, IMO is way overated.
            Also on St. Joseph, a Portuguese grill place opened at the former Andrea location near Dairy Queen. I had high hopes as the menu looked good. Service and food were meh. Maybe it was too soon after opening to try? but I was disappointed.

            Bar Deco on Notre Dame @ 6th used to be excellent for pizza. Its still good, but perhaps hit or miss. I think the owner is sitting on his laurels.
            For a more Montreal style pizza, but perhaps more casual, theres Trans Canada and Toto's just down the street.

            Thats a tough one...
            Places seem to come and go on Lakeshore east of Dorval Avenue. Natalinos has been there for 25 years. Haven't tried it, but that long, maybe they're doing something right?
            But then again, Chows on Dorval Avenue has been there as long as I can remember (I'm thinking of shopping with my mother as a kid in the 70s). Longevity isn't necessarily a guarantee of great food....

            Natalino Restaurant
            365 Bord Du Lac, Dorval, QC H9S, CA

            1661 Av Dollard, Lasalle, QC H8N1T7, CA

          2. I'll definitely recommend Shish Poulet on Newman in LaSalle near corner... what was it, Schevchenko? for their chicken pitas. SO GOOD. I wish I still lived there...

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            1. re: Chocolatesa

              I've seen that place and it looked run down so I never went. I will have to make the trek now.