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Food related names and nicknames. I'll go first.

Grand daughters name is NOLA. Best friend nick-named Cookie.

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  1. Here are some sports related food nicknames:

    Cookie Gilchrist (an old time football player)
    Bob Love the basketball player was called "Butterbean"
    Kobe Bryant's dad, Joe Bryant, was known as "Jellybean"
    The Angels used to have an outfielder named "Chili" Davis
    Walter Payton = Sweetness (football)
    William (The Refrigerator) Perry (football)
    Coco Crisp (baseball)
    Cedric (Cornbread) Maxwell
    Jim "Catfish" Hunter (baseball)
    O.J. Simpson (Juice)
    Ty Cobb was "The Georgia Peach"
    Football coach Bill Parcells was known as "The Tuna" or "The Big Tuna"
    Baseball Hall of Famer "Pie" Traynor
    Jason Williams is called "White Chocolate"
    Earl Manigault was "The Goat" (probably not for food reasons, though)

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      Impressive, PaulF!

      Only my great grandmother had a food related nickname. We called her Butter Bessie.

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        Sports? How 'bout Jerry Rice and Darryl Strawberry.

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            How about Darryl Dawkins...aka Chocolate Thunder?

      2. Veggo was hijacked by vegetarians. I was here first, that's my real name, and I eat cattle. And it really irks me on Google et al. I wish my mother had trademarked me at birth.

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          Is that really your real name? That'd be great if you had to write Veggo(TM) on all your papers in school.......

        2. My grandfather always called me pumpkin, which morphed into Kin, and then Kinny. My mother is still more likely to address me with one of those three nicknames than the one she chose for me, though she's the only one who still uses it. I suppose it's true what they say, that your mother will always see you as her (very, very, very fat) baby.

          1. interesting. i started the exact same thread last year and the Mods yanked it, claiming it had nothing to do with the perpetuation of finding and enjoying good Chow. harumph.

            apparently when i was about 2 years old a man in our apartment building asked me my name in the elevator, and for some bizarre reason i told him it was Marnie Meatball. my given name isn't Marnie, and no one has any idea where i came up with it, but it stuck. my parents called me Meatball for years, which didn't sit too well with me in my vegetarian days ;)

            and i call my sister's dog Cookie even though her name is Sadie, because she's black & white and reminds me of an Oreo.

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              don't harumph alone...I tried posting about food related/themed tattoos some time back and it was yanked..but recently one ran successfully. At the time, I was looking for inspiration.

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                ditto for me on my original thread on some topic getting yanked (i think it was grocery store pet peeves or another oneā€¦) and then a very similar thread from someone else going forward not too long afterwards. oh well.

            2. my great nephew's nickname is "peanut."

              1. From the world of music:
                Jelly Bean Benitez
                Jellyroll Morton
                The Spice Girls (very unchow-worthy)
                Salt n Pepa
                Ginger Baker
                Fiona Apple
                Red Hot Chili Peppers
                Vanilla Fudge

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                  Strawberry Alarm Clock
                  The Banana Splits

                  1. My husband uses almost exclusively food related nick names for our daughter. Most often she is tuna fish or pumpkin pie. Yeah, she likes tuna, but really it was because of how well she took to swimming. Pumpkin pie is the best though, because he will gladly say he calls her that because she's, "sweet and spicy and a little flakey around the edges." His words, but so true. :)

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                      My daughter was Tomato during the first few months of her life. Constipation led to some awfully red faces...

                    2. My ex had an older cousin called Puddin'. No one remembered her given name and she wouldn't tell!

                      1. I worked in a restaurant where the cold pantry girl was sleeping w/ the owner, the chef, and one of the waitresses to boot. Her nickname was Salad Slut.

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                        1. re: mamachef

                          dingdingding,we have a winner! that's hilarious :)

                            1. re: mamachef

                              That is just awesome.... I love it!!

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                                Hahahaha! That reminds me of one of my cousin's college girlfriends. He dated her for something like 6 months and never learned her last name. The reason this was a problem was because in 2 yrs. he dated 3 girls named Kelly. So this particular one was just known as Kelly from the deli.

                                1. re: centralpadiner

                                  To all above: and the funniest thing was everyone knew about it. She evidently didn't mind, either, because when I was introduced to her she said, "My name is Hayes, but you can call me Salad Slut." Wow, talk about totally owning it!
                                  I wonder why she couldn't keep her job there very long though?

                                2. re: mamachef

                                  Priceless!!!! I love to start my Monday with a big giggle!

                                3. Our friends just had a baby we call her dumpling and muffin.

                                  1. My boyfriend is an architect and designed a cupcake shop (that won some architectural awards). He will be mortified that this is public, but I call him Cupcake all the time. :) I called him that in front of his brother...

                                    1. everyone calls me pie, it's off my full name payal (pronounced like pie-L).

                                      i don't particularly even likes sweets so when people ask me for my favorite, i usually say pizza...sometime cherry if forced to choose a dessert.

                                      1. Do pets count? My first dog was a stray, he was small, black and very sweet, hence Kahlua. Current senior dog is Popcorn, so called because when she was young she was very excitable and jumped straight up just like a piece of popcorn.

                                        1. If pets count... I had a chocolate lab named Miss Hershey Kiss, a black lab named Miss Licorice Whip, and a yellow lab named Sir Vanilla Wafer. All three names were shortened and mangled enough so that they were virtually unrecognizable, but they still give me a chuckle.

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                                          1. re: kubasd23

                                            Oh! my mom went to high school with a girl she called Peanutbutter Legs, because they were easy to spread...

                                            1. re: kubasd23

                                              I'm sure pets do count! My friend has a mid sized brown mutt named Pork Chop :)

                                              1. re: alliegator

                                                My beloved beagle was Pickles. It suited her perfectly even though I couldn't have known her personality when she came into my life.

                                                1. re: Terrie H.

                                                  My cat's name is Olive. Which she, oddly enough, seems very drawn to.

                                                  1. re: onceadaylily

                                                    LOL - beagles eat everything EXCEPT pickles!

                                                    1. re: Terrie H.

                                                      My little orange pomeranian's name is Tater Tot!

                                                      1. re: keli175

                                                        And comedian Ron White goes by Tater Salad! HA HA HA!

                                                      2. re: Terrie H.

                                                        Ha. ;) My cat's nickname is Olly-bialy, and she does also beg for warm bread. I'm now thinking I should start calling her by a cheaper cat food, just to see what happens. "Hey, little Store Brand Fish Mix, how's my little On Sale? You're such a sweet little Buy-One-Get Three. Come to momma, Clearance Item!" Maybe I could put an end to those incredulous looks I get when I sneakily try to make a switch.

                                                  2. re: alliegator

                                                    I have a bull-headed black cat named Angus. He is big and when he runs it sounds like a herd of cattle. And he likes to head-butt. Sweet but stubborn.

                                                2. In my circle of friends (way long ago) there was Olive, Beef, BigLick and Chopper

                                                  1. I was "Pizza Face" for a short time in high school--not because of acne, but after an unfortunate incident in which I rubbed pepperoni on someone's arm and pizza in my face was the payback. OUCH. Thankfully, my other high school nickname (non-food-related) didn't stick either.

                                                    A regular at my uncle's restaurant was Joe Cacciatore because that was his favorite dish. I always have to think hard to remember his REAL last name...Joe and his wife, Judy...Cacciatore.

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                                                    1. re: kattyeyes

                                                      You reminded me of a classmate, Bruce Romanoff.
                                                      We of course called him "Noodles".

                                                      1. re: Veggo

                                                        Preferable to calling him "Strawberries," I'm sure!

                                                    2. My friend's dad used to call me squirrel. I'm not sure why. There was a football player when I was in college named Brisket.

                                                      1. 1. My most adored pet was named "Curry", a female, black&tan coon dog.
                                                        2. The 1st name of the 3rd author of a scientific paper* I read today was "Cinnamon".
                                                        *"Fish out of water: terrestrial jumping by fully aquatic fishes" 2011 Journal of Experimental Zoology 313A doi: 10.1002/jez.711