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Nov 4, 2011 10:28 AM

Anybody else miss the Subway Anytober 5 dollar footlong commercials?

not the sandwiches, the commercials.
I really liked that catchy jingle. no joke.

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  1. Damn you for putting that stupid tune back in my head!!!

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    1. re: alliegator

      Uggggghhhhh.....I saw the title of his thread 15,minutes ago and haven't stopped singing that horrid song yet.

    2. Not only do I not miss it, it drive me crazy. It was especially annoying since the offer isn't valid in Canada, but we'd keep seeing the ads on the US stations. It is our fast food go to.

      1. It's baaaack! Well sort of.
        Februany. woo hoo

        1. Five Dollar, Five Dollar Foot Long...Any Anytober.

          Thanks. Now I'll be singing this all day. All night. Tomorrow...until Anytober.

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          1. re: jarona

            you'e welcome. Anytober, err i mean anytime.