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Nov 4, 2011 09:57 AM

Best Cupcakes?

Hi All, I live in MA but would like to have some delicious cupcakes delivered to my best friend who lives in Austin-- For her birthday. She loves this site and loves food, so I'd really like to get her the best, I know she'll appreciate it. Can anybody tell me the best of the best down there in Austin in terms of cupcakes? I know that Toot Sweet seems to be popular but would like some confirmation. Thanks so much!

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  1. My favorite places are Delish and Sugar Mamas. Delish does an amazing chocolate cupcake (the cake part) and Sugar Mamas does some really great cupcakes and Icing... (I like SM's icing better). I really like SM's vegan cupcakes and I am in no way, shape or form a vegan. I don't think you could go wrong with either place

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      Lick it! Bite it! or Both! I think it's on Braker lane near the Domain. I think their pretty fantastic. They have a chocolate peanut butter one that will curl your hair

    2. Sugar Mamas has a great size (probably 6 oz, not the enormous 8 oz), creative flavors, great service. I ordered 4 doz assorted for a party. They were on time, beautiful and tasted great. They managed to keep the order straight, even after I called and changed things up the week before.

      1. I am still most partial to Hey Cupcake's strawberry cupcake. However Sugar Mama's are usually outstanding, and they keep a great assortment available. The only problem I have with Sugar Mama's is occasionally I will get a cupcake that's dry. However, don't let that turn you off of Suar Mama's though. (It hasn't for me.)

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          Hey Cupcake is the only cupcake place in town I refuse to spend anymore money at because of the lousy quality of their cupcakes. Is the strawberry one a new flavor for them? I'm willing to give them another try, but I threw my hands up after even the dog refused to finish one from there.

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              I keep seeing the "Pumpkinator" advertised at Hey Cupcake. Has anyone tried it?

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                Thanks everyone for your feedback! After much deliberation I decided to go w/ Sugar Mama's! My friend called me up the moment she received the dozen cupcakes (The Odd Couple, the Elvis, great names!) and told me that they looked fantastic! Then she called me 2 days later and said they were gone. What a hit they were! Thanks again. I wish I lived in Austin so I could taste them too. :)

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              Chan, I want to know ....Did you really try to feed the cupcake to your dog and your dog wouldn't eat it?

              1. re: Lucky_Skunk

                Its Shannon, and yes. She taste licked it and then opted to ignore it...

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                  Wow, that's pretty unbelievable.

                  So, far I have never had a bad cupcake from Hey Cupcake! (I've had some that weren't as good as others, but never down right bad.)

                  If you've never tried the Sweetberry, give it a go. It has been consistantly good. Also, we had their Pumpkinator last night and it was really good as well.

                  BTW, if you go to their website right now, you can print off a buy-one-get-one-free coupon.

          1. Hey Cupcake is my favorite. It was one of the firsts in the city to dish out high quality cupcakes. Probably started the whole Airstream trailer food cart trend. I remember when they were the only trailer on South Congress. They aren't that innovative in flavors, but they make up for it with just purely delicious simple cupcakes.

            Delish would be a close second in my opinion. They have some pretty neat innovative flavors.

            My friends try to pawn off sprinkles in Dallas as better than Austin cupcakes. Sprinkles is a joke,....i make better cupcakes at home.

            1. Best cupcakes are in Round Rock, Be My Cupcake. Excellent cupcakes and extraordinary cookies. Best in in the area. Give them a try. Their cake is really moist.. Im a fan of the Reeces cup cupcake.