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Nov 4, 2011 09:04 AM

where to buy pre-made, packaged arepas in Brooklyn? (Colombian-style)

My daughter asks every morning if there are arepas, but we just don't make it enough to Jackson Heights, where I usually buy them. I saw them at Fairway last month, but wondering people know of any other Latino store, supermarket or bakery that sells them so I can freeze at home. Thanks!

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  1. The largest "pre-made" arepa selection I've seen is at Trade Fair Supermarkets. YMMV depending on location, but IIRC they're all located in Queens.

    Trade Fair Supermarket -->

    Trade Fair
    30-08 30th Ave, Queens, NY 11102

    1. I think the hispanic supermarket on 8th Ave, across the street from Ba Xuyen, carries them. At any rate, Ive bought them there in the past.

      Ba Xuyen
      4222 8th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11232

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      1. re: jen kalb

        I went into the store, La Placita de Brooklyn, today, and they have some packaged arepas.

        La Placita de Brooklyn
        4219 8th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11232

          1. re: adamandeve

            they are industrial looking but they may meet your needs. We like the sweet corn ones with mozzarella melted on top.

            1. re: jen kalb

              Jen, I have been known to reach for a mozzarepa on occasion.

              Mozzarepa ->