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Nov 4, 2011 08:54 AM

Lebanese Taverna Catering

I was wondering if anyone had any insight into full service catering from Lebanese Taverna? We are considering them for our wedding. It appears to be a great value, but we would love any feedback on responsiveness, implementation day of, etc.


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  1. I have never used Lebanse Taverna for catering. I do like eating there and I very much enjoy the restaurant. However in my experience most restaurants do a poor job when they take on off premise catering and often times on premise catering. They just do not have the experience and the equipment necessary to pull the job off. And trust me there is a reason that it is a great value and the reason is that they are not paying for the proper equipment/staff to pull it off. I assume this is an off premise event and so I think you would be better off getting a good off premise caterer. The off premise caterer will have the equipment and experience to properly implement the event. If you do insist on using Lebanse Taverna for this even then I would emphasize to them on an upfront basis that you do not want any screw ups or poor food due to transit, storage and such. And if you do insist on using them then I would ask for a few catering references that you could call and ask how they handled it. Making sure to ask lots of questions about quality of the food once it hit the table, storage, logistics, etc. Restaurants do a great job of feeding tables that are seated in a very staggered manner but in this case you need someone that can feed a large group at one time. Most restaurants lack the experience, staff, and skills to do this.