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Nov 4, 2011 08:08 AM

Chili meat

Hey All,

I have recently discovered to joys of crockpot cooking and I'm trying to build a healthy recipe file. I want to make chili this weekend. I will be using beef but the question is what kind? I'd like something lean that after 8 hours will shred. London broil? What do you use?

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  1. Lean = dry in the crockpot. If you are cooking low and slow for 8 hours, you need a cheap cut with lots of connective tissue- chuck would be a great choice. If you insist on lean meat, use lean ground beef. If it is crumbled fine enough you probably won't notice the dryness.

    1. Chuck. Coarsely ground or chopped or cubed. If you want it shredded it's not chili, it's ropa vieja.

      Also, London Broil isn't a cut, it's a method of prep. In many places, London Broil means Flank Steak, while in others, it means Top Round. They're completely different from one another. You could use either for chili, I suppose. Flank will shred more easily. Top Round will be drier.

      1. My favorite meat for chili is from the chuck, and more specifically from the 7-bone cut. I cube it in 1/2" pieces to brown first and I include the bone in the simmer. It is worth the extra time for a great bowl of chili.

        1. The chili cook-off crowd prefers tri-tip because it's flavorful and non-fatty, because the judges ding you for greasiness and they don't have time to cool and skim. I use this now and really like it.

          1. Boneless chuck, fer sure. The fattiest hunk you can find. I tell the butcher I'm making chili and have him cut it into small, stew meat sized cubes. No crock pot, tho. I brown the meat in a frying pan then finish it off by letting it simmer in the chili pot.