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Nov 4, 2011 08:07 AM

Best supermarket xmas buys

Hello fellow Chounds...I found some amazing florentines in Aldi this week...only 1.99 a box (packaging is nice, too)
Anyone started stocking up on Xmas goodies and who can recommend nice foodie things I'd otherwise miss?

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  1. I will be seeking out the new Stone's alcoholic ginger beer - has anyone seen it in a shop? I also just bought Crabbie's Black extra-gingery alcoholic ginger beer, £1.99 for 330ml in Tesco. Haven't tried it yet though.

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    1. re: gembellina

      The Crabbies Black was delicious: less sweet and more ginger-spicy than the original. But at 6% alcohol I felt the effects quite quickly!

    2. Our local Lidl isn't a tremendously large one, but it's pretty decent. I saw a lot of interesting Christmasy biscuits and other things when I was there today. For a long time, they've been selling small boxes of panetone for 99p - very tasty and diet-sized.

      1. I think simple things like a nice pack of Carr's melts with your cheese is always good. & on the ginger front, I think Crabbies ginger wine, which is now available in Tesco's, is far superior to Stones. I agree on the Aldi/Lidl front. You really can get some nicely packaged, tasty, unusual bits & bobs in there.

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        1. Tesco has some Dow's LBV Port at about £7/bottle, which is 1/2 price, so I bought a couple.

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            They also have a Rivesaltes Ambre at half price, £4.50 for 37.5cl, which is perfectly nice for serving to family at Christmas.

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              Sainsburys are now doing 2003 Vintage Port for £17.50 rather than £35.
              So I bagged myself a bottle.
              Here's the link to Tim Atkins website which reviews this (more expensive price quoted on the site)
              he also reviews other offers.

            2. TK Maxx Has some nice little bits. I Got a stunning, massive sugar & almond coated Galup panetone in a lovely tin for £19.99. Smells out of this world, cant wait to tuck in! Got this one.