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Nov 4, 2011 06:55 AM

Raymond's in St. John, NL

Anyone been to Raymond's in St. John's? Menu looks very good and very pricey.

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  1. My husband and I were there in August. We originally booked a table at Atlantica but since we were staying in the east end and wanted to have some wine, it made more sense to drive downtown instead of to the Cove. We ate at Atlantica in 2009 and it was one of the best meals I've ever had. Since the chef at that time had moved to Raymond's, we booked a table (well in advance) there instead. I live in Calgary so when I go home to St. John's, I always make sure to eat much seafood and local fare as possible. I couldn't wait to see how Raymond's puts its fine dining spin on local cuisine.

    For my app, I ordered a tomato seafood soup. My main was lamb with polenta and ratatouille and my dessert was a dense chocolate cake with raspberry sorbet. My husband ordered a tuna nicoise salad (app), steelhead trout with gnocchi (main) and strawberry shortcake with vanilla chantilly cream. I remembered all this because I consulted the travel journal I kept but honestly, the details of the dishes aren't coming to me 5 months later. I do remember being not as impressed by my lamb as I was by my husband's trout. The lamb was good but honestly, there wasn't enough meat on the plate for the price. I hate to bitch about portion size because I know it's fine dining but there, I said it. I should have gone with a fish main but decided against it after the seafood soup app. I remember loving his nicoise salad and liking my soup. I can't remember anything about my dessert.

    It was a good meal but not as memorable as Atlantica, where I can still remember the perfect piece of halibut I ordered. However, I would recommend visiting Raymond's for yourself. The service was very pleasant and attentive, the atmosphere was inviting and the food was very good.