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Nov 4, 2011 06:07 AM

Healthy recs downtown Memphis?

I am coming to Memphis on Sunday for a week on business. I will be staying downtown near Beale and will not have a car. I have heard great things about Memphis' amazing southern food, but I am on a diet and would like to limit the fried chicken and ribs as much as possible.

Are there any decent diet friendly restaurants near Beale?

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  1. Unfortunately, diet-friendly restaurants downtown are a little tough to find. Most places probably have 1 or 2 healthy options, though. A few ideas -

    There are a couple of sushi places - Blue Fin on Main Street near Peabody Place and Kamida in a hotel near Union and Second.

    City Market is a small grocery store at Union and Main that has great sandwiches, many of which are pretty healty, along with some other prepared foods that you can eat there or take out. The owners are Indian and they usually have an Indian special on Wednesdays.

    Fuel, a restaurant on Madison in midtown, now has a food truck which usually has some healthy options - chicken tacos, mediterannean tuna wrap, etc. You can find their daily location on twitter (@fuelfoodtruck) or on facebook (search for fuel memphis).

    Majestic Grill (next to Blue Fin) has good salads and some other healthy choices.

    Flying Fish on Second St. is probably best liked for fried catfish and raw oysters, but they also have a lot of grilled fish and shrimp options and good grilled veggies.

    1. The Little Tea Shop on Monroe is a good choice for lunch. Although they specialize in southern, they do it in a really healthy way. The owner is Muslim, so no pork!

      Little Tea Shop
      69 Monroe Ave, Memphis, TN 38103

      1. Local Gastropub on Main has some lighter options and is really yummy (I like the tuna tostada). McEwen's on Monroe will have good salads and less fried food. There is a Bangkok Alley on Union (I think--up from the Peabody)--that location may have sushi, if not, Thai food that can be lighter than Memphis BBQ you'll find everywhere else. There is a new FroYo place on Main--can't remember the name. (I don't get downtown that often.)

        Bangkok Alley
        830 N Germantown Pkwy Ste 110, Cordova, TN 38018