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Nov 4, 2011 05:08 AM

PVD/RI * November * Open/Closed/Coming Soon

Have at it folks...

Very sad to read in October's thread that United BBQ is closing...

Rumor in Wayland Square is that the Boston area pizza concern "The Upper Crust" is coming to the former Edge space.

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  1. According to the ProJo, Whole Foods has a food truck and it will be at the University Heights Store tomorrow for it's debut. May be a one-time event. Link to the article:

    1. I noticed Cheeseboy is opening a location in the Providence Place Mall up on the 3rd floor in that food court fringe corner spot between Ben & Jerry's and Dunkin Donuts. The signage on the plywood says "Opening Winter" and there was active construction in there yesterday morning.

      1. Restaurant Bar, whatever it is exactly, seems to be open on Hope St in Providence in the Shops on Hope area. I think the banner outside said it's open until 1 AM.