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Nov 4, 2011 04:31 AM

Louie and Johnnie's Cheese Steaks and Clam Bar- Eastchester

Just saw that this has opened on Mill Road in Eastchester, and I wonder if any hounds have been there yet...

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  1. We grabbed a quick bite there last week. The bread they use for the sandwiches is excellent and the fries are decent . Also one of the employees who is Mexican I believe makes a really good "green" hot pepper sauce that I had on an otherwise not so great roast pork, rabe, provolone. My husband ordered a plain steak sandwich it was meh. There was not enough meat filling for the great bread.

    1. I looked at their menu which our local deli had. Thought it was pricey and menu limited. We have not been despite my excitement at the name which had me thinking my dh, ds and I could all be happy there.

      1. Just can't get myself to go in for four reasons. 1 - paying extra to have cheese on a cheese steak is incomprehensible. 2 - A large (which I'm told I'll still be hungry) with cheese and onions and a side of fries comes to $23. 3 - 92% fat free rib eye? What the heck is that? 4. The L&J in Yonkers is subpar.

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          Yes, the sandwiches are expensive considering you are paying mostly for bread. I agree L&J in Yonkers is awful.

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            I was so excited when I heard about this place opening, but then i saw the price menu and heard some early reviews. Another spot, I fear will be out before it gets started, like the deli before it