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Nov 4, 2011 12:32 AM

Best pupusas in El Salvador - Olocuilta La Paz or Los Planes de Renderos?

I was talking to someone who grew up in El Salvador about pupusas and he said that Olocuilta was the place to go. It is known for rice pupusas

He like Los Planes de Renderos second best and said it was on top of a mountain and had a bonus of great views.

Anyone been to any place and have more info?

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  1. The pupusas at Los Planes are delicious, but you really have to go to Olocuilta for the very best (and the better experience). Essentially Olocuilta is town of 50+ different pupuserias, each putting out a slightly different version of Pupusa. While they do specialize in rice pupusas, they all also make the traditional corn variety. You can tell them which filling you want (typically: queso, queso con loroco, chicharon, frijoles, frijoles con queso, revueltas [everything], and sometimes squash blossom) which dough you want, and they'll make and griddle it on the spot. Served with giant plastic jugs of curtido (pickled slaw), it's a great gustatory experience. Favorites in Olocuilta include:
    Pupuseria Abrego, Pupuseria El Manguito, and Pupuseria El Tejano