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Nov 3, 2011 11:37 PM

Roadtrip OBX, NC to Anniston AL, taking US 64, I-95 and I-20

SweetPhyl and I will be doing our annual trip home to northern Alabama to see my side of the family in December. We usually hit the Cracker Barrels along the route from the Outer Banks to the homestead, but are thinking of trying some local flavor along the way. Any suggestions welcome, meat and 3, bbq, whatever, as long as they are not in the downtown ATL area (way too much traffic etc for me, tho we have been to the Varsity and are considering hitting it again) and are pretty much at or very close to an interstate exit. The drive takes over 14 hours, and even though we'll be doing the ougoing trip in 2 legs, we don't really want to take too much time diverting from our route, if at all possible. Thanks in adavance

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  1. What days and approximate times will you be traveling?

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    1. re: veganhater

      Outbound to AL on a Monday night, and Tuesday. Inbound on a Sunday,. Excellent question, should have thought about putting that in.

    2. For the U.S. 64 portion there are two great options:

      Sunnyside Oyster Bar in Williamston is open evenings seasonally.

      Blackbeard's BBQ and C Food in Conetoe is terrific. If you aren't in the mood for BBQ there are many other delicious options!

      Safe travels!

      Sunnyside Oyster Bar
      1102 Washington St, Williamston, NC 27892

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      1. re: meatn3

        Blackbeards is open on Sunday's for lunch, but closed Monday and Tuesday. Sunny side is fun for steamed oysters and cheap beer. Beefmastor and quince are in Wilson, and both are worth a visit

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          I knew you or Naco would know Blackbeard's hours!

          I love Beefmastor, but I wouldn't be able to drive far after eating dinner there.

          What is Quince?

          1. re: meatn3

            Upscale southern cuisine, nice space and great bar area. Certainly more interesting than cracker barrel.

      2. The original comment has been removed