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Nov 3, 2011 11:14 PM

High Desert help

I recently moved to the High Desert from the NYC area. The dearth of dining options has been a bit devastating to me. Does anyone know of any passable options in this area?? I love all types of cuisines and would appreciate any suggestions. I'm getting tired of depending on driving down the hill to eat.

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  1. Better defining the area you are referring to as "High Desert" may get you some responses. High Desert areas in CA include Alturis/Cederville, Susanville, the Owens Valley, Ridgecrest/Inyokern, Tehachapi/Mojove, Landcaster/Palmdale, Victorville/Barstow, Baker/Zzyzx, 29 Palms/Joshua Tree. etc.

    1. If you mean Lancaster/Palmdale, you just might need to learn how to BBQ at home and find a good butcher shop. (!) There seems to be a large Indian population in this area mainly working in the hospitals or as medical professionals so at one time there were Indian restaurants and a well-stocked Indian grocery market. But I understand this might have closed.

      Keep in mind many people commute daily to LA, so going down the hill for a food fix is "normal" for long-distance commuting Californians. (No comment)

      You are in a "bedroom" community in this part of the high-dessert - affordable large homes for families so the demand for interesting dining is down too in this part of the world. Try heading into Santa Paula and Ventura for at least some better options than driving all the way down to LA - a lot prettier drive and some lovely fruit stands and orchards along the way.