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Nov 3, 2011 10:56 PM

Flasks for Women

I'm looking to buy a cute/funky flask as a present for my friend's birthday.....something to hold a bit of Fireball on a cold winter's night! I would like to find a flask that doesn't look too masculine. Does anybody know where I can find such a thing - preferably in Vancouver? Mucho thanks!

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  1. My sister just told me that this gadget exists this past weekend. I laughed myself silly.

    I'm definitely not serious about it as your gift, but thought you might get a giggle!

    1. House of knives has a dainty 5oz model in stainless steel for around $20. For thirstier folks they have larger versions as well.

      1. You could try Obsessions on Howe and Dunsmuir. I know they've had flasks in the past but haven't been in for a while so can't say for sure about now.

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        1. re: Anne M

          Thanks for the suggestions! I will definitely check out House of Knives and Obsessions to see what they have. Terrie - I think that bra is hilarious!! It would make watching the kids' soccer games more fun! Too bad it doesn't come in my size.....

        2. I bought a nice little silvered metal one a couple years ago at Ikea.

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          1. re: repartee

            Hmmm....didn't even think of Ikea. A little far for me, though.

          2. The engraving places at the mall usually have a selection of more feminine flasks.

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            1. re: islandgirl

              I did end up going to one of those engraving places....found a cute pink one and had her name engraved on it! I think she'll really like it.