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At last !!! Haagen-Dazs Cranberry Pumpkin Spice Ice Cream:

It is not that I don't appreciate the rum raisin, but I always hoped HD would make pumpkin ice cream.

When I saw it, I snagged it immediately ... at full price ... $4.69 ... ouch. But I had to have it now. Couldn't wait for a sale.

It's good. IMO, there is zero cranberry flavor which is fine with me. The dots of cranberry here and there give it a little color. It is lightly spiced letting the pumpkin flavor rule.

Now, if they'd only make eggnog. Maybe next year.

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  1. I really hope they keep the blueberry crumble and bananas foster, but I know that's wishful thinking.

    1. I finally found Ben & Jerry's Schweddy Balls last week and could not resist Clusterfluff this week.

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        I'm glad my local grocery store tends to run on the lazy side with stocking their ice cream freezer because I got seriously hooked on that Clusterfluff flavor. PB and caramel are two of my favorite sweet flavors so it was like B&J's found my kryptonite in ice cream form.

      2. Just tried the Haagen-Dazs Cranberry Pumpkin Spice ice cream myself this evening and enjoyed it very much. Paid $2.58 for it at Target (my new fav bargain grocery store). The pumpkin flavor was just right. I agree with rw, the cranberry was subtle but I did detect a slight sour note that offset the pumpkin spice. The cranberry swirl adds a bit of flair to the solid pumpkin color. H-D is the only commercial brand of ice cream I buy and this seasonal flavor was a nice surprise. I plan to sandwich the ice cream between two large gingersnap cookies and make a few holiday treats for my family.

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          That sounds wonderful. I love love love gingersnaps and pumpkin.

        2. I've always loved pumpkin ice cream but truly the H.D. takes it to a gastronomic level. I wasn't sure I'd like the cranberry mixed in, but it does cut the fattiness a bit---or at least that's what I tell myself to justify eating it.

          1. Hey rworange, have you had McConnell's Eggnog flavor ice cream?

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              I love eggnog as well ... maybe HD will tackle that next year.

              No McConnell's in this area though.

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                Actually, I've seen a few flavors of McConnell's pints at Whole Foods in Berkeley in recent months, so I imagine it's in other local WF, as well. I don't know if they carry seasonal flavors, though.

            2. McConnell's egg nog is delish. Good thing the cranberry is not pronounced inthis. Pumpkin and cranberry are two great tastes that do not taste great together. No compliment there, More like a contradiction.

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              1. re: PommeDeGuerre

                I disagree, I make a pumpkin soup with a cranberry jalapeno relish that is to die for. neighbors come around and hint about it the weekend after turkey day.

                1. re: magiesmom

                  Would you please share your recipe? Thanks.

                  1. re: NotJuliaChild

                    Cranberry jalapeno relish

                    3 c fresh or frozen cranberries
                    1 half large or 1 small lime ( I like to use organic since the skin is eaten)
                    2-3 jalapenos, seeded
                    Combine in food processor until mostly but not completely smooth
                    Stir in 3/4 c. sugar, or a bit less if you like tart/hot combo.
                    Let sit in fridge at least 3 hours, preferably overnight.

                    I use this curried pumpkin soup but leave out the red pepper flakes and the curry leaves when I use the relish. I also go light on all the spices except the ginger, to show off the relish when I serve it that way.

                    A dollop of relish on the top is luscious. this soup is also good cold, my preference, actually.

                    We also eat this relish, sparingly ,on pumpkin bread with a shmear of cream cheese.

                  2. re: magiesmom

                    The variability of palates is what makes the recipes go 'round. :-)

                    1. re: PommeDeGuerre

                      indeed. i make terrific pumpkin-cranberry muffins, but you'd be welcome to pick out the cranberries ;)

                      1. re: PommeDeGuerre

                        for sure! but try the above, if it appeals at all.