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Nov 3, 2011 07:48 PM

Happy Hour near Airport

Picking up my sister from the airport tomorrow evening and am going to meet a friend to kill an hour or two before picking her up. Looking for something with a good beer selection and some good food specials. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    4204 28th Avenue South

    1. Busters on 28th, or Town Hall Tap on Chicago Ave, near 48th.

      Both have great beer. Busters has a better beer selection and excellent burgers (and very good other food too).

      1. Busters definitely has a good beer selection, but my knock on it is that I have to order 3-5 beers each time before I find one that they actually haven't run out of...

        Something a little closer to the airport would be the 5-8 Club. You'll get the food there but there are only a couple of standard beers on tap.

        Believe it or not, many of the bars at MOA have good beer specials such as 22oz beers for $3.50 - domestics but still pretty good specials. There are a few bars like the Cadillac Ranch that have a good beer selection, especially for in a mall.

        You'd probably also have some luck with a few of the bars where Hwy 5 turns into West 7th. You would be a quick shot to the airport. I'm not familiar with the area but know that there are bars around there.

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          There's a CHAMPPS in the strip mall where Highway 5 turns into West 7th. There's also The Starting Gate across the street, but I'd avoid that.

          If you up for a ten minute drive, go over to Mendota Heights (Highway 13) and you have Axel's or Lucky 13's. Both offer a wide variety of beer/drinks with decent apps.

          Cheers and safe travels to all involved.

          1. re: Db Cooper

            One note: The Starting Gate has been closed for a long time. It's "Ras Ethiopian".

            1. re: MSPD

              Shows you how often I look to my right when I drive by there! I'm usually trying to find my way to the left lane to get around a bus ..... I'll make note of it.

            2. re: Db Cooper

              There is a Lucky 13's 10 minutes in the other direction too....on 494, just west of 35W. The building used to be a Bennegins.

              I'd avoid the 5 8 Club. i think the food is terrible.

          2. Thanks all. We ended up going to Lucky 13s in Mendota Heights. Great Korean Beef Tacos. Will check out some of the other places in the future.

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            1. I should have thought of the Lucky 13. Great suggestion. Where is the one west of 35W?

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                It used to be Bennegins. It's west of 35W, north of American Blvd, and south of 494 near the car dealerships and southtown bowl.