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Nov 3, 2011 06:41 PM

Fried turkey?

Any suggestions on where I can get a fried turkey for Thanksgiving?


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  1. Costco in Santee is selling a fried turkey in the (non-door) refrigerated section, next to the hams near the walk in refrigerator. It has me curious...

    Popeyes usually sells fried turkeys around the holidays.

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    1. re: Cathy

      Thanks for the tips! With the Costco turkey would you just heat it in the oven when it's serving time? For the Popeyes turkey do you preorder it or do you just show up and ask for one?

      1. re: surfer1966

        The Costco one was wrapped in plastic, I didn't look at the instructions, but heating in the oven seems logical.(it was either $2.69or $2.99/lb)

        Popeye's will have a sign in the window if that location is doing it - and you do have to order/pay ahead. (They'll start pre-orders next week; unsure of what they will charge this year)

        1. re: Cathy

          I was shopping at the Morena Blvd Costco and saw the fried turkey for $2.99/lb. Can't wait to try it on Thanksgiving!

          1. re: surfer1966

            I reheated the fried turkey in the over following the directions and it turned out great! It was spicier than the Butterball turkey we normally get at Vons and oven roast.

    2. order from You can get regular or spicy. Has been our go-to for the last 5 years and never disappoints!

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      1. re: daantaat

        Thanks for the tip! I'm curious as to how spicy the spicy turkey is? At Popeyes I always get the mild chicken as the spicy is too spicy for me.

        1. re: surfer1966

          it is very mild. my mother in law, who thinks a light sprinkling of black pepper is spicy doesn't find the spicy turkey too spicy for her. on the other hand, we're used to eating Indian, Thai and Korean level of spicy where your eyes start to water. for us, the turkey is pleasantly spicy. Cajun Turkey Company also injects the turkey w/ the basting sauce, so the white meat comes out juicy and tender.

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