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Nov 3, 2011 05:48 PM

Mitsuwa to open in Irvine

14230 Culver Dr,
Irvine, CA 92604

no clue when, but that's whats on the flyer. anyone familiar with the location?

i have to say, i'm kinda surprised. except for events, i thought the CM branch got decent enough business. although, i don't oppose another branch. do wonder about CM's future... hopefully this one has better parking! (yeah, i'll keep wishing until it eventually happens)

btw, Go Squared^2 (uh, how to write this?) has opened for those who have not visited the Torrance branch recently. they have takoyaki, taiyaki, takisoba, ikayaki, and baby castella. haven't tried, but i noticed during the last food fair, there wasn't much business at the time i went.

Mochi Cream's popularity has also slowed because they've sold out of majority of flavors. i tried them early on and found them to be too sweet for my taste. i don't care for the crumbly cream inside either. a few of mine fell apart in the box as well.

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  1. They are going in the mall right off the 5 at Culver where Sumo n Sushi used to be. It is about three blocks north of 99 Ranch Market.

    I am sure both locations will do well for Mitsuwa, there is plenty of business in Irvine and south.

    1. Pretty sure the only space they could occupy is the old Ace Hardware in that center. Crossing fingers Santouka comes a little closer to home!

      3760 S Centinela Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90066

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      1. re: Jigsaw

        That's correct. It's taking over the space where Irvine Ace Hardware used to be. RIP Irvine Ace, that was a great store.

        Even if they build out the former back patio of that space, it's still tiny compared to any other Mitsuwa. I would be surprised if they have room for food court tenants, but I don't know what they have in the works.

        And catbert, parking is already a disaster in this center. It's only going to get worse when Mitsuwa brings in more traffic. I don't think this is going to impact the CM Mitsuwa's business negatively, either. There's plenty of business for both.

        1. re: Professor Salt

          Yes, the former Ace Hardware space. They filed for their ABC license on November 1, and these applications typically take around 60 days or to become activated, but since the company has other locations, ABC might grant them a temporary license, yet construction will probably take that long.
          They may also design the store for future expansion, meaning allowing them to expand into space on either side once those leases either expire or are cancelled.
          Good to have another Asian grocery option in the area.
          Should have no effect on CM as you state.

          1. re: Professor Salt

            ::cries:: i shall consistently keep my wish. one day... one day...


            anyways thanks for the 411. i'm sure nothing can be as small the sg branch.

            1. re: catbert

              Seriously SG Mitsuwa is a joke. I wish they would reopen it somewhere bigger so we could have a food court as well.

        2. **UPDATE**
          grand opening is set for 12-17 at 9 AM (through 12-25)
          taiko performance will be at 8:50 AM
          first 500 on 12-17 and 18 will get free eco bag
          daily sale limited to 300 and 2 per customer.

          also, did anyone notice the application for change of ownership and holding sign at the cm branch?

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          1. re: catbert

            And there will be a Santouka in it.

          2. I noticed a lot of business for Go Squared when I went a week or so ago but I also didn't try it. They were present during the Obon Festival as one of the booths serving Takoyaki and I don't remember it being remarkable, but it wasn't bad either and it beats chasing down Tanota's truck.

            I liked Mochi Cream, it was just a tad too expensive for me.