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Nov 3, 2011 05:35 PM

Sashimi quality fish at a store in the Peninsula?

I'm looking for sashimi quality fish that I can get by the ounce in the Peninsula. I'm looking for salmon and tuna (specifically chutoro). Is there any store that has a good reputation for being very fresh and high quality?

I was thinking of stopping by Suruki in San Mateo tomorrow, but I was hoping for a backup supermarket or two just in case.

Thanks for any advice or recommendations.

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  1. Back up to Suruki is Nijiya. Also Cook's in Menlo Park, if you're willing to slice it yourself.

    911 Washington St, Oakland, CA 94607

    1. 2nd nijiya. their prepackaged sashimi is quite fresh and priced competitively.
      their sashimi selection is also more extensive then suruki. they were very helpful. even gave me ice with the sashimi to keep it "fresh".

      btw, niyija is across from santa ramen. 1956 el camino real.

      1. Nijiya may or may not have toro. Suruki has large quantities of their regularly stocked fish and almost always have maguro, and one type of toro. The biggest benefit to Suruki is that they can slice fish for you from blocks and arrange it nicely into a customized sashimi platter (they will also do sushi if you order in advance). If you want a particular slab of a specific fish they have, you can ask for it.

        Otherwise if you buy from Nijiya, all fish are pre packaged blocks/slabs, and you will have to slice it yourself.

        With regards to salmon, Nijiya tends to have slightly better quality. But I think Suruki has better ikura (salmon eggs) which is a bigger plus in my book.

        1. Nijiya's been stocking bluefin chutoro and otoro the past few weeks. I picked the latter up today, and it was quite good. It was $50/$60 a pound for chutoro/otoro.

          Their salmon's been going for $15 a pound for the past few weeks - quite a bargain.