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Nov 3, 2011 05:05 PM

ISO Cocktail Condiments


I am looking to source ingredients to make old school cocktails like an old fashioned or sazerac and am wondering where I can find the key ingredients like the bitters.

I found an old thread that suggested the Toronto Institute of Bartending but that place seems to only deliver to continental US - any other ideas? There must be a place for us non US folk to feed our cocktail desires (and without traveling to the US)


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  1. byob near the corner of queen st and shaw. They should have everything you would need.

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    1. re: k_collin

      Harvest Wagon has a great selection of bitters - lemon, grapefruit, chocolate, etc.

      Harvest Wagon
      1103 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4W, CA

      1. re: k_collin

        Thanks for this rec - great place - stopped by Friday and couldn't help myself from buying a bunch of fancy specialty drink items including a wooden muddler and ice cube trays that make perfectly round and large ice cubes. They also had quite an array of different bitters and made sound recommendations for different cocktails.

        For those interested - it seems that they also offer single night mixology courses which looked like they would be a lot of fun.

        1. re: glickjor

          just giving you a heads up i was in chapters today in the eaton centre and they had "mix, shake, stir" on sale for 9.99$
          Really good deal these are all the drinks from Danny Meyer's restaurants ie gramercy tavern, jazz standard etc.
          In my opinion its a great book and if you are interested in cocktails this would be a great buy!