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Nov 3, 2011 04:41 PM

Sierrra Nevada Celebration Ale 2011 - anyone seen it?


The 2011 Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale is now officially available according to the Sierra website. My local packie doesn’t have it, so if anyone happens to run across it in the Boston area (preferably Somerville/Cambridge), I'd appreciate it if you'd let me in on the location. I need to get my hands on that most divine tipple now!


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  1. Word is that its in the distributors hands. Typically for the immediate Boston area, it doesn't show until 1-2 weeks before Thanksgiving (which is 3-4 weeks after its released by SN) as the distributor holds it ransom until the fall seasonal is depleted. Tumbler was not a huge seller last year so it was as late as I have ever seen it (the week of Thanksgiving) - which cut my consumption by at least a case.

    Usually hits outside of 495 a week before you see it in the Boston area. I find the situation annoying as hell and have written complaints to the distributor and Sierra Nevada and got the typical marketing "we hear you, but aren't going to do anything about it" type reply.

    Reports of Julio's having it in stock this week. And Foodmaster is advertising cheap 12 packs of Celebration starting next week.

    Latest sightings can be found here:

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      Thanks, LStaff. That is excellent information. I share your annoyance with in long we seem to wait to get our hands onto this stuff, but I'm cautiously optimistic about the news that Foodmaster might have it next week.

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        Who knows when it'll get there, but starting today and ending Thurs 11/17, any SN 12pks your find in the store will be $14. If you're making a special trip, make sure to call ahead.