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Nov 3, 2011 02:13 PM

Suggestions for (easy) party food shaped like balls?

We're having a "ball" themed party for my kid's first birthday. It's an evening party, so the meal needs to be dinner/supper. I am hoping to make as much as possible ahead of time (the day before, preferably). And I'm trying to make everything shaped like balls. lol

Any suggestions?

So far, I am thinking:

- Cheeseball
- Caprese skewers

- Meatballs (Italian, Cocktail, and Vegetarian, plus hoagie rolls and shredded cheese for those who want to make them a sandwich)
- Cheese poof balls (they're like those cheese curls but round like balls)
- Mixed fruit salad of grapes, blueberries and melon balls (not sure about this, I hate balling melons)

- Cake (with a ball theme)
- Munchkins

- Highballs

I think I need one or two more things to make the meal part more substantial, though.

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  1. What about baby potatoes? I even bought mini baby potatoes last year at Trader Joes- everyone thought they were mushrooms at first.

    1. arancini? macaroni and cheese balls? round crabcakes/salmoncakes?

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        +1 for arancini. The frozen ones from Trader Joe's are actually very good, served with some marinara sauce for dipping on the side.

      2. There is an Israeli couscous that looks like pearls--could be good with the meatballs.

        1. From a Trader Joe's holiday flyer years ago : Bocconcini (little mozzarella balls) wrapped in little pieces of their pizza dough, brush with olive oil and bake. Serve with marinara sauce to dip.