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Nov 3, 2011 02:12 PM

searching for 3 very different cookbooks

and need recommendations.

one- a comprehensive and easy to follow bread cookbook. I have a really old-school one from the 70's that's really confusing and I've been too intimidated to ever make anything from it.

two - a turkish cookbook that's either completely vegetarian or else heavily emphasizes veg. food.

third - vietnamese, thai, lao, cambodian or any south east asian (or all in one), vegetarian or mostly vegetarian cookbook. If someone could recommend a book that sampled recipes from all SE Asia, that'd be great, or else I would welcome a solid book for any of those countries.


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  1. I learned to bake bread from James Beard's "Beard on Bread." Very straightforward, not intimidating.
    Can't help with the others, though, sorry.

    1. Martha Stewart's "Baking Handbook" is wonderful. Pictures of the finished product, pictures of the different techniques, equipment/pans and etc plus a lot of "step-by-step". We like it.

      1. For Vietnamese I have book called the Songs of Sapa which is quite new but very good. It isn't organized by course but by region of Vietnam, which is a bit different but very fun. The ginger chicken from this book is fabulous. I don't have anything Turkish, and as for the bread I have Whole Grain Breads by Peter Reinhardt, but I just got it so cant comment yet.

        1. An excellent resource for asian foods from many countries is Charmaine Solomon's "The complete Asian Cookbook". The recipes are reliable, at least those I've tried, and there are some unusual inclusions.

          1. Another book by Charmaine Solomon "Complete Vegetarian Book" is very good too. It is divided into three parts - Western Influences, Eastern Influences and East meets West. Do not remember if it is indexed on EYB which I find to be helpful.

            The Tassajara Bread Book is old but easy to use and everything I made out of it turned out well.

            The COTM for April 2007 was Arabesque: A Taste of Morocco, Turkey, and Lebanon.


            September 2010 COTM wwas Arabesque and The New Book of Middle Eastern Food


            Check these two threads to see what people cooked and liked/disliked.