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Nov 3, 2011 02:11 PM

Jupiter - What are the great restaurants in this area?

We are travelling to Jupiter from Dec 31-Jan 7. What are the great restaurants in this area? Good food for good value. Not chains but local fabulous places.

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  1. Little Moirs

    All I can think of. Pretty good. I'd search over on the Miami thread. Might find more. Chowhound has Florida divided Miami and everything else. Jupiter has more in common with Palm Beach than Orlando/Tampa/ Naples

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    1. re: LilMsFoodie

      fyi, Little Moirs is called The Food Shack.

      Food Shack
      103 S US Highway 1 # D3, Jupiter, FL

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        Little Moirs also has a pretty good place called Leftovers.

      2. From our experience last year....

        The Food Shack
        The Kee
        Guanabanas - for drinks
        Hurricane cafe - breakfast
        Anthony's on PGA- for bar food
        Pita Grille - but it has changed hands apparently
        Cafe Sole - wraps/pizza

        Food Shack
        103 S US Highway 1 # D3, Jupiter, FL

        Pita Grille
        12100 US Highway 1, North Palm Beach, FL 33408

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        1. re: LoN

          Thanks for your help. I'll try some of these.

          1. re: LoN

            I am one of the new owners at Pita Grille and yes we did change hands in May. Thanks so much for the restaurant shout out and I hope you can join us soon to check out our place. We loved what Pita Grille was before we bought it so we hope you enjoy just as much and more. We have a special New Year's Eve event going on starting at 5pm Dec 31st with a limited specials menu paired with wine and champagne as well as a full liquor bar.
            Hope you can join us soon!
            561 630 0115

            1. re: timpano

              Can't beat Food Shack or Leftovers. Generally the same menu or similar.

              Casa Mia has very good Italian. The Bronzino and wild boar parpardele especially.

              Hog Snapper is pretty decent sushi and Asian ish, been a while.

              Lazy Loggerhead at Carlin Park has great breakfasts.

            2. Definitely do breakfast at the Juno cafe. Best wings (garlic honey) at the Turtle Crawl

              1. Too Bizaare. Excellent place. I enjoy it very much each and every time I go.