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Nov 3, 2011 12:46 PM

Online sources for heirloom grains and legumes

Anyone know of good online shops for heirloom grains and legumes? I got really excited about cooking with them after reading the New Yorker article about Sean Brock: (subscription required).

I know about Anson Mills ( and Rancho Gordo ( Any others?

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  1. Zursun sells heirloom grains and legumes via foodzie ( Can't vouch for them. I also can't vouch for Old School Mill (I usually go to Anson Mills), but I'm tempted to try their grits (

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    1. re: gilintx

      I probably am biased as I live in Boise but these beans are great

    2. Phipps

      They have a ton of things showing as out of stock right now, don't know why -- but they belong on any list of bean sources anyway. I haven't bought from Phipps online before, only in their store.