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Nov 3, 2011 09:49 AM

Momofuku Milk Bar Cook book

Has anyone purchased the book? Anyone got any comments about it?

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  1. Are there any worthy recipes from this book? It seems like most of the negative reviews are about desserts being oversweet and too buttery.

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    1. re: pearlyriver

      I think it is one of those books that definitely will not appeal to everybody. Ms Tosi seems to have a very lowbrow American palate, always mentioning how much candy and junk food she eats. I finally bought the book because it was cheap on Amazon and figured there might be a few good ideas, but honestly not many of the recipes appeal to me. I did try the milk crumb, which is ... sweet and milky.

      1. re: pearlyriver

        The cornflake cookies are definitely worth making. I made them last week and everyone loved them! Here is my review from my blog:

        I also just made the crack pie (also on my blog) which went definitely deserves it's name!

        1. re: AnjLM

          Why did you choose to use bread flour and only 2 cups of the cornflake crunch?

      2. I have it on an ipad and it is the first and last cookbook I will buy electronically. I agree, not many recipes that I will be making - lots of fussiness and combos that don't appeal to me. But, I really love the corn cookies with the powdered dehydrated corn! But that recipe is easily available online. My one electronic experience with cookbooks convinced me that I want a bound paper book that I can easily flip around back and forth.