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Nov 3, 2011 08:04 AM

ISO Thanksgiving Restaurants that are non-dairy

I need to find places that have dairy free options on the menu!
I'm not talking about salad-I know THAT 'S non-dairy
I'm talking about non-dairy soups- and other non-dairy options
I'm with 'normal' eaters, and I don't want to 'cramp THEIR style'

Thank you SO much!

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  1. What type of restaurants do you usually dine at? I should think finding non-dairy soup on a menu there would be a choice, like chicken noodle, minestrone.

    Whatever restaurants are being suggested by the members of your party, I would look at their websites. Check out their menus. Call them, if necessary. I don't mix meat with dairy, and I find it navigable when I dine out.

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      almost every restaurant has non dairy options so you can probably go almost anywhere; though i agree thatyou should check first.

    2. Every rest. has non dairy options
      baked pots
      every other veg, meat, fish, crustasean, mollusk, game meat, fowl
      i can go on and on

      what exactly are you looking for. your post is very ambiguous

      1. It seems like the OP is looking for a dairy-free Thanksgiving meal at a restaurant.

        I think this actually might be hard to find, since a lot of restaurants have set Thanksgiving menus, and probably a lot of the dishes will contain butter (if not cream, etc).

        Maybe the OP can clarify, but perhaps a way to re-phrase the question is:

        What is the best restaurant for a Thanksgiving meal that will cater to both "normal eaters" (i.e. people for whom dairy is okay) and also people who want a dairy-free menu?