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What cookbooks are on your Christmas list this year?

It seems like there have been some really great cookbooks this year and I am sure I have missed more. I always buy myself a cookbook for Christmas so it made me wonder what is on your list this year?

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  1. Nothing - everything I wanted for calendar 2011 has already arrived.

    I am however jonesing for a copy of Simon Wright's French Café Cookbook.

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      Great cookbook. I bought it at the French Cafe after eating there on our honeymoon. One of the best meals I've ever had. It was our last stop on a 3 week culinary tour of New Zealand and we almost didn't go after a not so good meal at White in the Hilton the night before. So glad we did though.

      I was hoping the creme caramel with passion fruit tapioca recipe would be in it but it's not. I've been thinking of emailing them for it. Still one of my favourite books though.

    2. Essential Pepin.
      I got 2 tickets to the Metropolitan Cooking & Entertainment show in DC this Sat., via Groupon. Ticks included a demo with Jacques and signed books. Jacques has had to cancel due to hip replacement surgery and I'm so bummed!

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        I already have a copy of that, albeit unsigned. Hopefully the man pulls through quickly.

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          That one is definitely on my list of contenders! I love Jacques!

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            I believe it's at Costco for $23.99 with dvd. Happy day!

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              Got mine for $11 on one of thegoodcook.com sales. I think you could get it for $1 if you join...

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            I want to look through that one before committing. Just finished his charming (how could it not be?) autobiography, The Apprentice. There are some tempting recipes sprinkled throughout it.

            I also want to thumb through The Apple Lover's Cookbook by Amy Traverso (think I got that right). Interviewed on the radio, it sounded as though she divides the apples according to their best uses. I have a couple of older apple books already but she covers varieties that have become popular in the last few years.

            1. None.
              Apparently I'm very difficult to buy for.
              Everyone knows I love food and cooking so I get at least 3 every year.
              This year they are banned.

              1. Good Meat - Deborah Krasner
                Secrets from a Caterer's Kitchen - Nicole Aloni
                Good to the Grain - Kim Boyce
                Vefa's Kithen - Vefa Alexiadou
                Recipes and Remembrances from an Eastern Mediterranean Kitchen - Sonia Uvezian

                1. Since I bought so many throughout 2011, and shelf space is now very limited, no cookbooks will be coming my way via Santa bushy, but maybe a few new pieces of cookware, hint, hint.

                  1. I once had 550. I weeded them out to about 450. I don't think anyone can be talked into buying me more.

                    1. I already get a ridiculous number of cookbooks, so you would think there aren't any more I'd want. But two I don't have that I'd like are 'One Sweet Cookie' by Tracey Zabar and 'Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams' by Jeni Britton Bauer. 'Eleven Madison Park Cookbook' would be interesting though I don't think I'd ever cook from it.

                      The best cookbook I've seen recently which I'd highly recommend as a book you will cook from (a lot) is Melissa Clark's 'Cook This Now'. A chapter for each month and I want to cook (and eat) every recipe.

                      1. I REALLLLLLY want Claudia Fleming's The Last Course. There's no way I'd spend £70 on it for myself but maybe as a present it's ok...

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                          You can get it for much less from North Fork Table and Inn, which she own with her husband. I believe that if you contact them, they have reprinted copies of the book, which are sold at regular price. When I was there last, they had them near the bar.


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                            Thanks, that's good to know. I think it might be taking advantage a bit to ask them to post it to England though...