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Nov 3, 2011 07:38 AM

Paula Deen’s Warm Turnip Green Dip

Has anyone here tried this dip recipe? I was reading the Ole Miss newspaper to catch the latest drama in their athletics department and found this two minute video report of Paula’s book signing in Oxford.

One lady, Ms. Brenda Bain, says, “I’m from The South, and somebody asked me what my favorite recipe was, and I love her Warm Turnip Green Dip. Half these people didn’t know what that was” as she shakes her head in sympathy for their ignorance, bless their hearts. Well I was in that ignorant half, but the google is our friend.

It’s got all the fat that one expects to find in Paula’s recipes and the test kitchen note even advises to double the salt, but it’s a dip to be eaten in small portions, greens are in season, my greens loving parents from South Mississippi are visiting me now, it’s similar to a well-liked spinach dip, the holiday party season approaches and it’d be good to have a dish that’s new and good.

So, has anyone here tried this dip? What did you think?

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  1. I am not a fan of PD but that actually sounds pretty good!

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      I'm comme ci, comme ca on PD but this, and I'm sorry but reading the ingredients, doesn't interest me. I made a spinach dip, 'thee' spinach dip, a few weeks ago for a party at our DD's request, I don't care for that either.

    2. I've seen it mentioned before on Chow with positive reviews.

      1. Not to derail the thread, but did you see Bobby Deen's new show on Cooking Channel last night?
        He takes one of her recipes and lightens them up.

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          I've seen the ads for it but not yet watched the show. Searching - Bobby Lighter - in the recipe search box at gave 86 hits. I couldn't figure out how to store a link here to the search results there.

        2. Looks like a classic PD recipe with bacon, cream cheese, sour cream and cheese. I bet you could add anything green and vegetal and have that heavy rich flavor that we all know is bad for us when eaten in any quantity, especially with the suggested fried pork rinds for dipping!

          1. Interesting that my thread submarined for two months and then emerged with five replies. I never did try this recipe myself.