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Nov 3, 2011 07:29 AM

Pulled Pork in the oven

Hi everyone,

Long story short. We are hosting a charity poker event. Expecting 100 players. 15 people are providing the food and I have been chosen to make the pulled pork.

I plan on making the butts in large aluminum pans/trays. Will the butts be okay directly on the tray or should in put them on racks from roasting pans?

Also, are 2 butts (20-22 lbs.) enough? Keep in mind there will be plenty of other food.


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  1. You will get shrinkage with the butts. I would go with more.....if there are leftovers, it freezes beautifully. We do 2 butts total of 16 lbs raw for a crowd of 20. Your call of course.
    If they are on racks there will be more 'bark' on the outside for flavor. Cook until 190 degrees to disolve all the collagen.

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    1. re: Nanzi

      Nanzi, thanks for the reply.

      190* done.

      I will get an extra butt or push for 30lbs.

      Any idea on cooking times?

      1. re: levendis

        go a little further to 200 internal, imho. if you cook at 275, about 10 hrs to get there.

        1. re: woodburner

          should the butts be covered in foil throughout the whole cooking process?

          1. re: levendis

            I'd do 4 pork shoulders total to feed 100 people. (Costco and most butcher shops sell cryovac pork shoulders in pairs). Also I'd elevate the butts with a rack as they will render lots of fat while cooking. With four shoulders cooking your oven it will probably be pretty humid so you needn't cover them. However, to be safe check the butts after a few hours and if they look to be drying out, you can cover them with foil.

            1. re: wanker

              wanker, it's not the only main. I also have two ovens so I'll spread out the cooking. But I will keep an eye on them, and foil as needed.

    2. I tried the version from America's Test Kitchen. Total cooking time about 4.5 hours. Started with a 2 hr brine (salt and liquid smoke). Roasted on a rack in a roasting pan. Turned out very nice.