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Nov 3, 2011 06:17 AM

Smoked Ham or Turkey for the Holidays? Any place selling their own in NC?

Hello -

I think some places in TX smoke their own turkeys and hams and then sell them on the holiday. My understanding is that you order them in advance.
Does anyone know if there are such places near the RTP?


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  1. Check with your local farmer's market. We get a country ham every year for Christmas. This year we'll get on from Benton's in VA. Loveless Cafe in Nashville also produces an excellent country ham. Be aware if you're new to country ham that its as salty as a New York sidewalk in the winter. You'll hear a lot about Smithfield Hams from Virginia. A few months back at Southern Season, I tried sublime ham from Smithfield, NC in Johnston County. We'll try them next year. If a smoked turkey is your goal and your strike out elsewhere, I bet Sam at The Pig in Chapel Hill would smoke a turkey for your holiday meal.

        1. re: hazardnc

          I'd taken note of Stegall when I drove out of Charlotte for the coast and even added the info to Chow's database intending to ask about it. Good to hear there are fans.


          Stegall Smoked Turkey
          6608 E Marshville Blvd, Marshville, NC 28103

        2. I got my usual Friday rib order from Smokeys in Morrisville. indeed: He smokes turkeys, etc. for the holidays. I'll have to consider both Stegalls and smokey's.

          Nice question to ponder.


          1. If you can track one down, Phillips Bros in Asheboro, makes a fine country ham.


            1. I saw a note somewhere (twitter? facebook? the farmer's market?) that the Pig in Chapel Hill is smoking turkeys for Thanksgiving