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Nov 3, 2011 03:58 AM

Mediterranean Grill / Whitestone

Dined there this week and felt I should post about this place.. I would call myself a regular there now.. Not only do I bring clients from vitamin water in Whitestone there, Mrs. K and my daughters have made it their local go to place. Each entree comes with a choice of soup ( We had split pea & lentil..really delicious homemade soups) or a great salad plate.

Everytime we go, one of has the grilled octopus. Forget Kyclades and all the Astoria hype... theirs is CONSISTENTLY the best I have ever tasted in a Queens taverna.

I had potato crusted sole on a bed of arugula & tomato salad.

Extremely attentive owners and wait staff. It does get busy on weekends but on a weekday night it is such a relaxed, enjoyable time....



Mediterranean Grill
160-24 Willets Point Blvd, Queens, NY 11357

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  1. I've recommended this place a few times, I really like it too. Their lunch special is great also. It's a cute little spot, clean, and the food is not heavy or greasy at all. It's prepared simply but full of flavor, their chicken kebab is excellent, very nice big portion spinach pie, too. Have you tried the scallops and shrimp, johnk?

    They are a hard place to spot, because they are right off of Francis lewis blvd, and it's easy to miss---Like to do a run of utopia bagels, and then stop there for lunch--

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      Yes on the s&s. I usually eat seafood when I go there. Been there 15-20 times and it has always been good!