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Nov 2, 2011 11:48 PM

white castle

My father was a young person in the cincinnati Ohio area. He was introduced to WC at a young age. When we lived in Lexington KY, we would sometimes drive to Cincy to get a WC. later, we moved to Bowling Green KY, and WC opened a restaurant there.

I now live in the WashDC area, and I can only get the little burgers frozen. When I drive to Bowling Green KY, I will get a cast of burgers, and eat them for a couple ofdays.

And- BTW- The dusseldorf mustard is the best.

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  1. My love affair with White Castle started in the '90's after the sexy Susan Saradon movie White Palace came out.
    When ever I travel to the USA I make a point to get a square burger.

    They are oddly addictive..when you think of James Spader naked.

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    1. re: Luna2372

      Spader? ewww. well OK you could do worse.

      it's sort of like WC itself, every now and then is great but it's too easy to have too much. and there goes another year.

      cema - as your family opened one I'd be interested hearing what 'wiggle' an individual franchise has within the structure. and yeah those frozen packs are the sad ghost of a one trick pony that only taunts.

    2. You know cemab4y , the Toms River NJ and Howell NJ locations are under 200 miles away. Lot's of interesting places to see between DC and these locations and think of the payoff!