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Nov 2, 2011 09:11 PM

What to bring back from New Orleans

Hello everyone. My husband and I will be visiting your lovely city in a few weeks and will be eating at many of the restaurants that you all have suggested. I would like to bring home some of New Orleans specialty food items, such as hot sauce, seasonings, candies, etc. that I can't find in California. So far, I have access to K. Paul's seasonings, beignet mixes, and my favorite, Slap Yo Mama seasoning. I love to cook and bake so any cookbook recommendations will be appreciated. Also, I have a huge sweet tooth. Any suggestions on where to get cookies, cupcakes, and pastries? Thank you all for your help.

Yo Mama's
727 S Peters St, New Orleans, LA 70130

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  1. I'm also from California and usually bring back a few muffulletas from Central (always bring an ice bag) Zapp's regular and Voo Doo (if "in season") potato chips (Cost Plus will have Zapp's a few times a year but never the regular flavor) pralines from N.O. School of Cooking and Big Kevin's Bayou Blend seasoning also from N.O. School of Cooking - I have warm place in my heart for the New Orleans School of Cooking on St. Louis Street. I also bring back a few boxes of Konriko flavored rices but could not find them on my last trip. (usually pick them up at the Konriko store at Jackson Square but the store is not longer in business)

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      Hi Bigshadetree,
      Thank you for all of your recommendations. I'm glad that you mentioned The New Orleans School of Cooking because I plan on taking a "Hands-On" class when I arrive. Have you taken any classes? The store looks beautiful and I can't wait to find all of the goodies that you have suggested. Thanks again

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        I have only taken the Open Demo class where you watch and are served lunch. I really had a great time - Kevin was our chef, great personality, a lot of fun. This was about 10 years ago but I hear that things are still jumping - you will have a great time! Of course I sent in pictures and requested a diploma - funny how I display that but not my college degrees :)

    2. tasso. hard to find in my area (So CA), so delish, and travels well.

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        Oh yes, tasso sounds great. I can't wait. Thanks Chez Cherie

      2. I always buy Camellia Brand Kidney beans when on the gulf coast.
        My friends from near Houma come back with GALLON jugs of Zatarain's liquid Shrimp & Crab Boil (and they are such great friends to have!)

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          I will add lthe liquid shrimp and crab boil and the camellia kidney beans. Thank you Arebe

          1. re: limareni

            Don't start with a gallon if you've never tried the stuff!

        2. At any grocery get Tony's (reg., salt-free). Repeat: Tony's

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            I like to slice potatoes french-fry style, toss with olive oil and Tony's and bake at 400 til done. It's my FIL's favorite way to eat fries!

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              That sounds delicious. I bet it would be good on popcorn as well. I sprinkle Slap Ya Mama seasoning on popcorn and I devour it. Thanks for the tip Mrsfury

            2. re: brucec

              Another wonderful find to add to my list. Thank you Brucec

            3. I'll second tasso.

              Mine whenever I go home is almost always a few baggies of Brocato's cookies from any of our grocery stores (If I had time to make it down to the shop and get them fresh, even better.)
              Weird Paul Prudhomme's Magic flavors (in Texas I can get a few basic ones, but not the newer unique ones) I'm usually driving, so I can look for good Abita beers out then. And If I come across it, roman candy. I find tons of seafood shops around my parents sell it by the stick from the Roman Candy Man.

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                I will search for the unique magic Paul Prudhomm flavors and will definitely find the Roman Candy Man and Brocato's cookies. My list is getting longer, thanks to you all. Thanks again jmorri26