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Nov 2, 2011 08:35 PM

King Wah (oaktown) closed?

the whole storefront is papered over. no signs or notices seen.
open letter (in chinese) appears to be soliciting employment applications.

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  1. Oh no - really?

    I'd never been to the old King Wah, but under the most recent chefs (reportedly previously from Peony?) their lunch plates were actually really good - I kept meaning to write them up but have been crazy busy these last few months. They've been on my weekly lunch rotation but I've been away for the past week, so this is the first I've heard. They were never really busy when I went... that's too bad.

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    1. re: daveena

      yep. phone still rings but no one answers.

      also, joy luck on 8th is also "remodeling".
      -fortune on webster has remodeled and reopened under same ownership.