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Nov 2, 2011 08:21 PM

Thoughts on Capital Seafood?

Capital Seafood is opening in the Irvine Spectrum. Can I stop driving to Monterey Park for dim sum now? How is Capital in Orange County? I've been to Capital Seafood in Monterey Park and thought it was okay, has anyone been to the ones in Irvine?

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  1. I am lukewarm about the one at Diamond Jamboree. For dim sum, I would much rather head over to Sam Woo or Seafood Paradise even though they are further. Nearer the Spectrum, Crystal Jade has a small but decent dim sum menu selection.

    Seafood Paradise
    8602 Westminster Blvd, Westminster, CA 92683

    Sam Woo Restaurant
    15333 Culver Dr Ste 720, Irvine, CA 92604

    Crystal Jade Asian Fine Dining
    6511 Quail Hill Pkwy, Irvine, CA 92603

    Capital Seafood Restaurant
    2700 Alton Pkwy, Irvine, CA 92606

    1. Chef Hung in Diamond Jamboree is decent for XLB in a pinch. Their beef noodle soup is nothing to rave about but I enjoy the soup dumplings even though the selection is limited.

      Chef Hung
      2700 Alton Pkwy #117, Irvine, CA 92606

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        Chef Hung's XLB is beyond decent. I've had 4 orders of the pork and 1 order of the loofa ones by now. Destroys the oft recommended ones at MLV. I'd rank them right up there with DTF and J&J depending on which style of XLB you like. It's a good cross between the two styles IMO. I agree the champion beef noodle soup is nothing special. The brisket in clear broth with 2 types of brisket (one smoked and one boiled) is good stuff though.

        Dim Sum at Capital Seafood in Irvine isn't bad. Har gow and beancurd rolls are as good as your average dim sum place in SGV. Rice wrapped in lotus leaf not so much. It's no Elite or Sea Harbour but I'd be hard pressed to find a difference between the Irvine branch and Rowland Heights branch.

        Chef Hung
        2700 Alton Pkwy #117, Irvine, CA 92606

        1. re: Porthos

          The XLB at Chef Hung's has slipped a bit. I'm guessing this is due to using previously made then frozen ones instead of the made to order ones when it first opened. The biggest difference is in the texture of the wrapper which is a bit wetter and more moist than previously. The current versions I'd put below J&J but still easliy above MLV.

          1. re: Porthos

            Man, i stopped by hung's today for lunch. Beef noodle soup was decent. Niu rou bing was a mediocre rendition. But the worst was the XLB, which absolutely sucked. The filling tasted fine but lacked soup. And the wrapper was an abomination. Clearly pre-made, no translucency and totally wrong texture, as your teeth would just cut right through. It appears heyve really let quality slip on this given the previous rave reviews.

            1. re: FattyDumplin

              Sorry to hear that. I haven't been in a while myself. Good to know.

              Stopped by 101 Noodle Express again recently and realized I forgot how good their NRM and pan fried dumplings are. The XLB there isn't that great either though.

      2. Irvine Capital Seafood is not as good as Monterey Park or Arcadia. Obviously a trade off against how far you want to drive.

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        1. re: Chandavkl

          Capital Seafood is not bad at Diamond Jamboree. My favorites dishes are the noodles in xo sauce and ribs in black bean sauce. The other dim sum standbys - har gow, shui mai, xlb, etc.. - are all decent. If distance and driving weren't an issue I would always drive to Elite. For convenience factor Capital Seafood works in a pinch when you have that urge.

        2. Went Sunday for dim sum. Left very disappointed. It made the drive to Monterey Park seem so worth the hassle.

          Capital Seafood
          333 E Huntington Dr, Arcadia, CA 91006

          1. Finally made it down to the new Irvine branch at the Spectrum. Despite the comments by Yelpers that it's better than the Diamond Jamboree branch, to me the dim sum seemed the equivalent to the original Irvine location. That puts it well below the standard of the Monterey Park and Arcadia branches of Capital Seafood. I'd rate the Irvine locations perhaps on a par with Ocean Star in Monterey Park, so whether one is better off driving to the SGV is a personal decision based on how much you dislike driving.

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            1. re: Chandavkl

              It's also a personal decision based on how much you dislike mediocre dim sum.