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Nov 2, 2011 04:47 PM

ISO Black Sesame Ice Cream

I'm in love with black sesame ice cream. However, the ones i've been tasting recently haven't been the same as before. It used to be black as night, firm/hard texture, richer, very smoky and would stain my teeth at first bite. It has gotten lighter, soft, gray-er, less smokier and unenjoyable. Seriously there is a difference! If anybody knows where I can find the latter picture that would be greatly appreciated. (Restaurant or supplier) Thanks!

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  1. I`m not able to help you but I sympathize with your problem. It seems inevitable that the quality of many good food products will eventually diminish. Once a food becomes popular, they start to cut corners to increase profit, until one day the `same`product does not even resemble the original one. In your case, it appears that they have drastically reduced the amount of black sesame seeds they use. Such a shame.

    1. I would love to know where one would find black sesame ice cream that is black as night too, just like in the second picture.

      I have had some, but definitely not in Toronto. The best bet would be to make your own, but it would require some sophisticated equipment to finely grind the sesame without burning it.

      1. I seem to recall the sesame ice cream at Zen being like the one you want. Perhaps ask them for their supplier, or ask to buy a litre from them.

        1. I recall seeing black sesame ice cream at the Korean supermarket, Galleria, and I think also JTown as well.

          1. I always have the sesame ice cream at Inatei in Richmond Hill, it is exactly as you've described. Yummm