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What does one do with overdone cookies?

Spent a lot of time and $ making cookies. They are burnt around the edges and were supposed to be chewy but ended up too crispy.

I don't want to throw out but I have 15 huge "frisbee" cookies sitting around.

Any creative ideas to put them to use?

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  1. Eat the middles and pretend they were meant to be crispy all along. Or just dunk them in milk : )

    1. Feed them to the birds.

      1. How do they taste? I'd still eat them. Call them round Biscotti and dunk away. :-)

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          They taste kind of shitty in a burnt overly sugary type of way. But I hate crispy cookies

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            that's too bad. i love an overdone cookie, a sucker for the crispiness..

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              Sounds like they cookies are too burnt and bitter.... As wyogal suggested, bird food.

          2. Eat them for Pete's sake. Homemade cookies are rare enough that if you gave them to friends, they'd be in heaven.

            1. Trim the burnt edges and then use the crispy parts as an ingredient in another dessert. Crumble them as an ice cream topping or as a mix-in for homemade ice cream or milkshake. Build a parfait. Crumble on top of vanilla yogurt. Pulverize and use as the coating for fried bananas. Play frisbee.

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                    Ooh fried bananas! I like the way you think munky

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                      i was going to suggest stirring into ice cream in the last few minutes of the churning process as well.

                    2. cut off the burnt part and then chop the rest and mix in ice cream?

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                        nice moves. That was my first thought as well- though I'd leave the burnt bits in.

                      2. Two words - Skeet Shooting!

                        1. Crumble up for use as a cheesecake base, if you like cheesecake

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                            +1 to limoen. That was my thought....a cookie crumb crust.

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                                Yes, i wouldn't suggest cooking them even more, via baking or frying . Using them in a no-bake crumb crust or a trifle-type mixture seems like the best way to go.

                          2. One option is to make a milkshake, either thick or thin, using the cookies.

                            Another would be to make a bread pudding with the cookies.

                            Coating bananas with cookie crumbles seem like a nice idea too.

                            1. if not the ice cream route, i'd break into pieces and make Cookie Puddings (instead of bread pudding) in muffin tins. I'd put the cookie pieces in the muffin cups, then mix milk, a little cream, eggs, just a little brown sugar, salt, and vanilla, then pour over the cookie pieces and bake. depending what kind of cookies, i might also sprinkle a bit of brown sugar and cinnamon over the tops to get a bruleed effect...

                              or Fried Cookie Crusted Bananas... slice bananas, dip in egg, coat in cookie crumbs, and fry/saute in pan of browned butter.

                                1. Grind them in the food processor and use them in place of a graham cracker crust.

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                                    Yep. That's what i'd do. Match whatever flavor they were to your filling...chocolate, coconut creme, key lime....something like that.

                                  2. Not much to do with the burnt edges but trim them off. If you put the cookies in a container or a baggie with a slice of bread, it will soften them up quite a bit.

                                    You could crumble the cookies in a glass and add milk, eat with a spoon!

                                    1. Rub the burnt parts on a cheese grater.

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                                        Bingo! We use this planing method all the time!

                                      2. What if you put them in a food processor, made them into crumbs, and used them as a dessert breading...you could top ice cream or pudding with them. You could make a sweet filling that could hold itself together and roll them in the cookie crumbs, then deep fry them, like dessert croquettes.