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Nov 2, 2011 01:00 PM

Cake enhancer

Does anyone know where I can get cake enhancer or bread improver in Calgary?

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  1. Did you ever find any in Calgary?

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    1. re: kritafo

      No, can't find it - tha'ts why I was asking if anybody knows where can I get it in Calgary? and I was told that bread improver will do the same job as well.

      1. re: ahmee

        I read that as well, where do you get bread improver? I just wondered if you did find any since it has been a few days. I may order from the states. Let me know if you come across any please and thankyou

        1. re: kritafo

          I checked with a bakery today and they said they don't use bread improver so I believe can't find this one too here. Bread improver makes the bread or brioche softer. Do you know how much it cost to order from the states ? Thanks !

            1. re: kritafo

              You'd probably be better incorporating a small amount of cake margarine into your cakes - check the products on the supermarket shelf - they usually contain Polyglcerol Esters & Mono & Di-Glycerides.

              The difference between these & the powdered product in your link kritafo is that the emulsifiers (prehydrated & in the right crystalline form) in the margarine are going to be much more active & efficient in doing their job compared to the powdered product.

              1. re: kritafo

                thanks ! I will check this site

                1. re: kritafo

                  This is a very good place to find everything you need to bake seriously recommended !!