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Nov 2, 2011 12:32 PM

How much batter to put in Nordicware cornucopia mold?

Last year, I bought a Nordicware cornucopia baking pan at an outlet store when I saw that it was marked down to $5, figuring that it would be fun to use for cornbread at Thanksgiving. Putting aside for the moment what recipe to use ( I personally like the slightly gritty type of cornbread, with a little sweetness to it) , I'm not sure of either how much batter to put in the pan or how long to bake it. I intend to measure the volume of the pan by filling it with water to check the volume, but I don't know what proportion of the volume of the pan to fill with batter. And how do I prevent the batter from baking unevenly in this oddly shaped pan with varying depths?

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  1. Wow, that's quite the pan, had to look it up at amazon. It has a ten cup capacity. When you fill the pan and have it upended on a baking sheet, is it level?

    I would consider contacting Nordicware for specific info for this pan; there's no specific info about capacity or batter amounts for this pan at their website. Here's their link:

    Have you used this pan for anything yet? Make sure you grease it very thoroughly, before flouring; I'd use a pastry brush to get into the various curves and crannies.

    1. They hold about ten cups. But, in your circumstances, I'd start with about 70 liquid ounces for my first test.
      You could also fill lit with water and then measure the amount of water using a large measuring cup it you want to be precise in your research.