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Nov 2, 2011 10:43 AM

Telera Bread Recipes?

Looking for a recipe for this mexican bread.

Found this... http://rptides.blogspot.com/2009/07/p...

anyone have one they have used with success?

Also.. in this recipe.. The dough isnt kneaded after mixing..

What is the reason why ? I usually do this when making baguettes to let the gluten develoiop so i get the nice rustic holes ... but whats the reason in this recipe?

Telera bread looks pretty basic and easy.. maybe im missing something here?


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  1. But it is kneaded well after the first rise. Most bread recipes knead it well at the start, and then just punch it down and fold it a few times later. I don't know if the timing of kneading is important or not. In my experience, bakery teleras aren't all that different from other rolls - except for the 2 lines.

    1. I find teleras a rather boring roll, soft and white like a hamburger bun with an interesting shape. I can buy teleras whenever I want, but would rather use a good Kaiser roll from the US for a sandwich if I could get one! I don't see the point in making them from scratch, sorry.