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Nov 2, 2011 09:24 AM

Help! Need catering advice!

My office is planning a party after an event that will be between 10pm-2am. There will be about 100 people and they are looking to spend around $500. Here's the deal: the guests will most likely be on varying levels of intoxication so my bosses are looking for things pretty finger friendly. They said things like tacos, corn dogs, and even included the word "whimsy" as to cotton candy and food carts. Anyone have any idea where I can begin? I've googled a lot of caterers, but they are seeming a bit too high-end for an after party. Pizza is not an option.

Thank you for any help.

Oh, they also said I should look into food trucks that cater - so I'll start working on that...

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  1. Interesting time for a party! :)
    $500 is a pretty tight budget for 100 people even if it is just finger foods...
    However, i'll suggest Three Sons Catering. They do awesome work and while they're not typically the finger food variety, you might at least give them a try. I worked with them in 10/2010 for a meet and greet (same amt of people) we had here at our firm - they were AWESOME and we paid $913.00 after tax; granted, that's double your budget BUT we had spicy tuna roll with wasabi, pickled ginger and soy sauce, calamata oliver tapenade with butter crisp canapes, mini beef wellingtons and artichoke sundried tomato and gruyere gratin with toast points...SO, I'm thinking they could do the type of food you're looking for around your price point-plus, their food is just plain good (I realize intoxicated people might not care) but I'm sure TSC wouldn't mind another round of Kudos to build their portfolio..I was in touch with Sue Marty; at least give them a shout out-they're also very creative. I chose items from their menu and they gave us different options based on duration of time it would sit out, appeal, etc.

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      Really appreciate your help, I'll give them a call right now! Yes, odd time for a party - but the event is being held a block or two away from our office, so we thought we'd at least feed the crowd :)

    2. I'm not a caterer, but I've hosted my fair share of events, and I just want to point out that your office folks are mildly delusional (and I mean that in the nicest way, not being harsh here) if they think they can make this happen for $500 unless they send someone to Costco for a few large bags o'stuff. And even a food truck has food costs and overhead, so that isn't necessarily going to make it within the budget. And don't forget delivery, gratuity for setup, etc.

      I just had hubby's birthday party (one of those milestones) catered and D'Amico's catering group (Ace Catering) did a nice job, if you're looking for a recommendation. Barrio also has a food truck, but I'm guessing they will charge considerably more than $500 for tacos.

      Good luck on your quest!

      1. Sounds like your budget is $5 a person. Here's a thread for lunch catering for $4 a person. You might find something useful in there...