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Nov 2, 2011 08:32 AM

New Indian in Sarasota

7 Hill -- Cuisine of India

New Indian in Sarasota!! Just opened in October 2011. It’s at 7119 S. Tamiami, 34231 – where the Morocco restaurant was.

Really nice and genial owner/Chef, Raj, trained in Southern India, in the Culinary Institute in Tamil Nadu. He then cut his teeth working with Taj Hotels, working with the head of their food program. For those unfamiliar with the Taj hotels, they are quite upscale and they do very interesting and beautiful food. Started in India and now around the world with 100+ locations.

We happened upon it on our way to lunch one day—made a u-turn and tried their buffet. QUITE good, with excellent, fresh seasoning. Good naan and chicken tikka Masala, as well as a number of other dishes. Two preparations of rice, one with tiny peppers and mustard seed Menu is EXTENSIVE – and they have several types of dosa, which we have not found in other Indian restaurants here!

Ambience is nice, good lighting etc. They have wine and beer – a bar area, and 2 separate dining rooms.

Haven't seen any marketing or website yet, so hope people find this and support it.

We’ll be back very soon.

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  1. I do not understand why Indian/East Asian restaurants do not seem to make it in the Sarasota market. Maybe the older demographic just does not appreciate these offerings.

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    1. re: ospreycove

      I think that you nailed it. I don't think that I have ever seen an Indian restaurant succeed where the clientele is elderly. (I am 60 and qualify as "elderly" myself.) College towns, big cities, concentrations of people under 35--yes, but small towns and elderly populations--no. Anyway, I''ll try them out the next time I am in Sarasota. The restaurant sounds great.

      I do have a question about the name of the restaurant. I've heard of the seven hills of Rome but no India-connected seven hills. Can anyone enlighten me?

      1. re: gfr1111

        I can! There is a Balaji Temple in Tirupathi which is in an area called 7 Hills in southern India. Next time we're in Sarasota we'll check this place out.

    2. This was one of the worst food / restaurant meals I have ever had . Friday 11th November 7pm
      The ckicken madras looked like a bowl of vomit and tasted like a brown chicken gravy with some hot sauce thrown in for good measure. Service was terrible, one glass of water the entire evening, no offer of any extra rice. Mens toilet was a dissaster, should have been out of use till they fixed the problem, stunk like a sewer. Some friends of ours came in as we were leaving, they also would not go back. this 7 hills indian restaurant will not last. Hooray for Gateway to India!!!!

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      1. re: foodgossip

        i agree with you!!! the bathroom was terrible and as you come out of the women's bathroom, you can catch a glimpse of the kitchen. You will be amazed at how messy and unsanitary it is.

        1. re: chocolover13

          Well, another restaurant turnover in SRQ!

      2. We just went tonight and really enjoyed it. They have an interesting, extensive menu with, as you pointed out, dishes you won't find at other Indian restaurants in SRQ, including south Indian specialties. Ragada appetizer was delicious. Level of heat on our entrees was just as we ordered - truly hot for husband (not "Sarasota" hot), and mild for me. Service was very good -we thought menu and service was better than Gateway to India on Hillview. Decor is reminiscent of previous Moroccan restaurant in same location. A nice addition to Sarasota.

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        1. re: cuffster

          We ate dinner there Thursday night and also found the food quite delicious...outstanding actually....seasoning was perfect in the mains....staff so helpful...water glasses filled constantly and more rice was offered. The only very slight fault, in our experience, was that the vegetable samosas could have had a little more husband and I found them slightly flat and not quite crispy enough. We certainly will return. (we are way over 60 BTW and love many types of ethnic food and DO know what it should taste like) :)

          1. re: bobinken

            We dined at 7 Hill -- Cuisine of India again a couple days ago and the food was just as delicious and service as good as the first time we went. We are going to try the lunch buffet next time.

            1. re: bobinken

              Now that the Snow Birds are flocking North; it will be interesting to see how this place does with just the locals; stay tuned.

              1. re: ospreycove

                Not so well unfortunately. I tried the lunch buffet today - only one of three people in the place during the hour. The buffet consisted of 5 or 6 pieces of dry tandoori chicken carefully positioned over a huge bed of onions; daal fry that was pretty tasty; chana masala that lacked any sense of flavor; a Bird's Eye frozen veg curry that was ghastly; a forgettable egglant burrata-type dish; butter chicken that would make that elderly Wendy's spokesperson proud, albeit substituting 'chicken' - all in a thin, sickly sweet sauce; and made to order Uncle Ben's rice. Best item was the naan - hot and buttery to order and not the brand that GFS typically sells - thinner with a bit of crisp. $12 with a water and tip.
                Perhaps the menu choices and especially in the evening would make for a happier C'Her?

        2. Just visited this week, having a coupon from Living Social. The waitress was clueless about the menu, telling us it was her second day. When asked about an item on the menu, she asked the manager, who said "You should know." She replied, "How would I know? I'm not Indian." I never found out. The tablecloth was dirty when we arrived, the cracker-type bread was stale, and not a soul was in the place. The chicken tikka masala was good, but the experience was so dismal, I will never return. Too bad...we love Indian food.